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DSNs not visible on FMPA client when file is hosted

Question asked by flukey on Feb 12, 2019
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I am trying to set up an ODBC connection to a MS SQL database.  I can set up the DSN on the client running FMPA 17 (Windows 10) 64-bit version,  create the file locally, connect to the DSN and retrieve data.  All works with no problem.


I then host the same file on Server 17, Windows Server 2016 on AWS.  I can no longer connect to the SQL server when the file is hosted.  I cannot even see the DSN created on my client machine that functioned perfectly before in a non hosted setup.  Note that I am not trying to connect to FMS as an ODBC client, I am trying to connect my FMP client to a SQL server.


I have seen elsewhere on the forum that I may have to use a 32 bit DSN instead. I tried that but it is not compatible with my 64-bit FMPA, and also it still does not show up on the hosted version.


What am I missing?