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Unique salenumber

Question asked by bbatechniek on Feb 12, 2019
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Hi we are working with a FM17 program dat has been designed by several people before we took over the company years ago. I learned FMP just by doing and added a lot of features, but never dare to change something in the base of the program. In our system you can make a new order, no problem with that. But... if two people start a new order the same time, both orders get the same order number and both orders are mixed up. In the script for creating a new order it says:


GetAsNumber (

     Year ( Get ( HuidigeDatum ) ) &


     If ( Int ( Middle ( saleOrder::SalCodeMax; 5; Length (  saleOrder::SalCodeMax ) -4) ) < 0;


          Right ( "00000" & Middle ( saleOrder::SalCodeMax ; 5; Length ( saleOrder::SalCodeMax ) -4) + 1; 5)



is there something I can change or add to avoid 2 orders getting the same number?

I don't dare to "just try" to change or add something because this is a very important part of our system.