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Adding a Summary List to a Script

Question asked by FranciscoHirsch on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by FranciscoHirsch

I have a database called Cordoba that has two Tables: Municipios and Modificaciones.

Municipios has many fields, one of which is called anio (a number that represents the year I'm working with).

Modificaciones has the following fields:

anio; Fecha (the Creation date of the record); Modificacion, a field where I write whatever I modified in the Municipios table; and a field called modificacion_field which is a Calculation field:

modificacion_field="<strong>"&Fecha&"</strong>: " & Modificacion

And also a Summary field: ListaModificaciones= List of modificacion_field (with option Summarize repetitions All together)

I have a Script that creates an HTML table and that as a last step it [should] add ListaModificaciones.

Also Muncipios and Modificaciones tables are related through the fields anio.

But that last step is not added.

I should add that it works perfectly in another database that I wrote 9 years ago and from which I copied the Modificaciones table and that has a similar Script with the same last step.

I'm mystified. Help will be greatly appreciated.