Getting question mark when importing photos into FileMaker Go

Discussion created by jmundok on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by jmundok

Just upgraded a client to FileMaker 17 platform over the weekend. They take photos on the iPhone X and airdrop them to iPads (latest versions). When they import the photo from the camera roll, a question mark displays. The file that is actually in the container field is Untitled.txt and it's just a single question mark.


They can take a photo through FMGo with no issues. They can take a photo with the iPad outside of FileMaker and import with no issues. They can airdrop a photo taken with an older iPhone6, airdrop it to the iPad and import into FileMaker with no issues.


The only thing they can't do, which is what they need to do, is take photos with an iPhone X, airdrop them to an iPad an import them into FileMaker Go on the iPad. They were able to do this with the same devices using FileMaker Go 14 without issue.


Any idea what might have changed? Anybody else seeing something similar?