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One Table or Many for Documents?

Question asked by velaramon on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by velaramon

In a solution that will handle many documents, is there a best practice concerning whether all the documents should generally be in one "Documents" table (with many table occurrences) or in separate tables?


This question pertains to situations where it's likely that the relationship between data and documents will be one-to-many or manay-to-many.  In other words, I know it's much easier to place a container filed in the relevant data table if each record is only going to have one document.  But I find that it's often the case that this one-to-one relationship does not hold, and end up setting up a separate documents table.  So then the question is, should there be one big documents table for the entire database, or several smaller tables?


I hope the question is clear.  Thanks for any guidance.