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Problem accessing files after they have been opened on network

Question asked by johnnolan on Feb 13, 2019
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I'm running the latest version of FileMaker Advanced on Mac Mojave.


The files reside on my desktop machine, but occasionally I access some of them from a laptop over our local network to prepare invoices or statements. I'm not running FM on both machines at once, but I have the app installed on each machine.


I have network file sharing on FM, and share with FM clients set to "All Users" for the files.


File sharing is on at the OS level for both machines.


In the past this worked, but lately, not as well. When I attempt to open the files on the laptop, I get warnings about shared files for each linked file.


Regardless of whether I chose "open" or "open without sharing", after closing the files and quitting FM on the laptop, I can no longer access the files—FM reports the files are in use. I have to shut down or log out on the laptop to restore access on the desktop.


As I say, this used to work. Is it a "feature" of Mojave, a "feature" of FM 17, or of my error?