Is FileMaker Able to Help Me?

Discussion created by andreab on Feb 13, 2019
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I am new to FileMaker, though I do have experience working with MS Access and databases.


I am working on trying to combine many components of record keeping for my company that I can. However, as I'm working on things, I'm not sure how extensive FileMaker is or if it can help me.


Here are the components I'm looking for:

Database for my Clients (we have about 200 or so) that includes general contact info. This part is totally doable, I know.


BUT - attached to each client, these are the things I need:

-Track training visits (we have 3 kinds). The info for this includes date, time, trainer, when we received documents, when we delivered documents. Pretty sure this is easily doable with another table joined by Client
-Employee lists for each company

-Track which employees have received training for the month (so each training needs to show the title, type, date, and trainer)

-Eventually have clients be able to login to the database and view documents, employee trainings, etc.


That is just to start with. Is this too ambitious for FileMaker?


Thank you in advance!