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Determine entities from existing Google Sheets solution

Question asked by jacquescaspar on Feb 13, 2019
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Hi all, I'm new to databases and FM, and need some help translating my existing flat solution; which involves duplicate entry, Google Sheets for business analysis, myob for invoicing, and quickbooks for accounting; to FM where all processes are in harmony.


We are a manufacturer and exporter of fruit products, internationally. Operations are in Portuguese while sales are often in English.


We have orders, customers and products, like the classic FM example, but our product costs are informed by a few variables. I imagine I'll need to become familiar with scripting to resolve this.


Another issue I'm unclear on it the fact that we produce our products. The relationship in FM, between production and products is not immediately obvious to me.


Here's the google sheets solution for business analysis.

Copy of FRUIT PLUS Brasil - Google Sheets


To begin, I'd like some help identifying the appropriate entities or tables that will be required.


What I've done with FM so far is attached


Thanks in advance for any help that is offered!