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popover  not working

Question asked by lc on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by lc

popovers and buttons.

Filemaker 12

basic invoice set up,

Products,lineitems and invoice, all works well accept in my invoice I have a tickbox set up in the lineitems portol  which is a field Type "Number" 

The field returns a "Boleen" 1 or 0. this works fine and I can see looking in the line items that the ticked items (line) has a "1" against them,

My problem is, in the invoice I have a popover button scripted to delete the portal row ticked. my script is simple and looks like this,

If  [InvoiceLineItem ::TickBox = "1"]

          Delete Portal Row [Dialouge:off]

End if


if I run the script out of the popover it works, if I  run it from inside the popover it doesn't,


any thoughts out there ??