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Filemaker Go 17 - Disconnecting from Server

Question asked by smac11shl on Feb 13, 2019

I have a Time Clock solution on Filemaker Go 17. The database is hosted on a local server and pull information from 2 other sources that are located on the same server.


The problem comes that when my user goes to log in or out, before my interface comes up, filemaker asks the user to enter a username and password for the two other database. As of right now the users hits cancel 2-times. Once those are cancelled out the interfaces comes up for my Time Clock app and the user can use it no problem.


I have considered using an OnTimer Script Trigger to automatically close out of the program after a certain amount of time, but I am hoping there is an easier solution? Please note that I have disabled the option for all the databases "Disconnect user from server when idle". I would like this to be able to run like a "typical" iOs App.


Thanks in advance for your help!