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Trap Cmd-Opt-E delete record in Go 17?

Question asked by joel.s on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by joel.s

Using the keyboard shortcut Cmd-Opt-E will delete a record without any alert while also circumventing any custom menu sets that trap Delete Record.


We have databases where the records in most tables must never be deleted, where there are no scripts for deleting those records and a custom menu set that traps Delete Record and Delete All Records to a script that halts for those tables.


This seems robust on the Mac and with Go using touch but on Go with a keyboard this shortcut bypasses all this, allowing accidental deletion anywhere, with potentially serious consequences.


Is there any way to absolutely prevent record deletion in Go 17 via this route other than by forbidding users to connect a physical keyboard?


Product and version: FileMaker Go

OS and version: iOS 12.1.4

Hardware: iPad Pro 10.5