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Problems using A Global Variable as External Data source in FM16

Question asked by skagpatrick on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by TSGal


I have data separated solution with interface in one file and data tables in the other.

The interface file has an external data source set as $$DataPath. When I open my files I get the error "Cannot find file"$$DataPath" followed by a dialogue box looking for said file.

I then get my open script running presenting me with the variable setting process in my file, everything works from then.


My issue as I see it, is the variable is being called before I get the chance to set it

My opening script is shown below



The layout and table used have no external references , the file options for the interface file does not got to a externally referenced layout either.


If I add a hard coded path to another data file is added after the variable then the data from that one shows before the variable referenced file. After the variable is set, the new data file is referenced going forward.

Having a secondary data file hard coded sounds like a recipe for later failure which I want to avoid.


Is the problem that my data path is being accessed before I get a chance to set it?

How to I avoid the temporary error while it's finding the referenced file?


This is all being done in FM16 as I have users with FM 16 installed. I haven't installed my 17 yet.



Any suggestions gratefully received !


Patrick Vallely

Skagerrak Software

Auckland NZ