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I've build a CRM that runs on a windows machine used as server with FM16 and Filemaker server to access the DB with web direct.


I've a script that save some reports and send these by email which run properly (smtp).


Now I've programmed a program on the FMserver which run the script every day at 24:00 but it is just not working. I've review everything many times but it just saying "error script FileMaker" script completed, last error (401).


On the script I've managed the possibility to get last error and if is 401 send an email without attchment but is it possible that FMserver just stoped the scrip just when 401 happens without carry with the others scrip lines?


Actually I've write a script without any research just to send an email. FMserver run it without returning any error but the mail is not been sent. Running the scrip through FM16 instead the email is sent properly.


So the problem maybe is not the 401 error (no search result) but it just that something fail shading the mail with FMserver???


please help

thank you and ciao