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stop splitting after x occurrences

Question asked by kip on Feb 15, 2019
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Hey hey,


I am stuck with telling a field to stop splitting after x occurrences.

The values in a field look like this:

A-AAA BB CC - 1DD_EEE F followed by free text.pdf


Splitting works fine using a custom function (I split the file name at the " " using FileMaker Custom Function: split ( string ; delimeter ; occurrence ) , but it also splits my free text at the end).

Is there a way how I can stop splitting after 6 occurrences, so I can get

"A-AAA" + "BB" + "CC" + "-" + "1DD_EE" + "F" (or FF, for this part is a variable length!) + "followed by free text" + ".pdf"


Unfortunately ZeichenLinks () or left() does not work, because there can be different lengths of code :-(