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FM17 upload connection failed issue

Question asked by user2148749 on Feb 15, 2019
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We recently renewed our ssl certificate on our server. Previously, we could upload and browse project without any problems but since we renewed our cert, we are now having an issue were we can securely browse our projects from our server but when we try to upload a project we now have a connection failed error. From what I know, ports are opened correctly on the server because we could previously upload projects. I even tried to dig deeper with wireshark to sniff out packets that were coming/going from/to server on FMPro client but so far I'm out of luck with that ( I can see that the certificate seems to be exchanged correctly between parties). One weird thing to note is that if I add the host(server) with it's ip address directly, I receive an invalid certificate warning (because CN name in the cert is obviously not the host ip address) but I still can connect to the server; The connection failed issue only appears when I connect to the server thru it's dns-resolved name. We are on FM17 on windows server 2016


Thanks for any help!