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How to bring up a billing address vs. a service address

Question asked by mkibsum on Feb 15, 2019
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I am very new to FileMaker. I have been using the program for about a year and then learning to manipulate tables for maybe the last couple of months. I have been watching videos on Youtube and other in order to learn what I can on my own.


I have a particular thing that I am trying to figure out. We have some customers who have service addresses and then they also have a billing address. I am trying to figure out how to have FileMaker recognize that there is a billing address and use that when it is available. I am so new to this all that I'm just not sure what the process is to do that. I have attached a couple of pictures of a made up customer in the customer database and then the start of a new invoice for that same customer. The ID is the relationship between the 2 databases (customer and invoice) so when I type in the customer ID "1137" then the service address comes up. This is perfect most of the time....except when there is a billing address. Currently, I just copy and paste the billing address into place. Is there a way to have FileMaker recognize that this is a customer with a separate billing address.



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