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I call a script but its another that shows up!!

Question asked by Cécile on Feb 16, 2019
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and then everything crashes.

On my product page (below) 3 elements to consider:

  • Description (calculated field to show either Description1 or Description0 which contain respectively French and English descriptions) The description text itself is made of the description + (an appended blurb + ecofee amount (actual)) This description is updated to reflect the applicable Ecofee selected (see Ecofee button)
  • Ecofee button: which label gets set with the name of the selected ecofee (which id is hidden under) Under that button a field shows the current value of that ecofee, Ecofees::Amount. It is the Ecofee id that the Estimate Lines will pick-up and with it, will fetch the value directly from the Ecofee table.
  • Price Portal: includes the field Price::ApplicableEcofee. If located on an active price line, this figure updates to the current value for the selected Ecofee every time the Ecofee button on the product page gets changed


So all was working well except that, although my Description1 and Description0 updated when the Ecofee button was modified, the calculated field Description did not show the right amount. (At the time I did not think to do a refresh object).


I decided to change the order of my Select script steps so that perform script "Actualize ActivePriceLine" (portal) would be before perform script "Add EcofeeBlurb" (reapply blurb+actualized amount to Description). Thinking back my ratiional (if the price line, including ecofee, updates, then maybe description will too) was pretty stupid since both fields are not even in the same table.


Anyhow. I would like to understand why this change causes a weird behaviour that can only conclude in FM crashing.

Following this change in the steps sequences, the script step "Perform script AddEcofeeBlurb" performs the script "Show Ecofee selector" instead (and the only way to get out of the selector is to close or crash FM)




scripts.pngScreen that appears if I do anything in the Ecofee Selector card when "Show Selector" script iterates instead of having Add Ecofee blurb perform...beforecrash.png