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Questions on SSL Certificates on AWS-Hosted FM Server

Question asked by Michael Frankel on Feb 17, 2019
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Hi -


I'm preparing to deploy a FM Server instance on Amazon EC2 as a data source for a website utilizing the Data API. There are a number of things I'm not 100% sure about, and could use some input:


  1. I'm planning on purchasing a Wild Card SSL certificate since there are other servers (also hosted on AWS) which will be using the same SSL certificate (all part of the same domain). Since the server is a Windows Server, and I'm not interested in doing Active Directory on AWS, will there be any issues as long as there are DNS records pointing to that machine (using A records)?
  2. In FileMaker's instructions for setting up an SSL Certificate on a FileMaker 17 server, it gives an example of what to enter for the domain, and it shows a specific domain. When I use a Wild Card SSL certificate, do I still put in the DNS name of the machine I'm installing the certificate onto (i.e., or just the domain with a wild-card character (i.e., *
  3. If I have all of the normal FileMaker Server ports open already, are there any other ones I need to open for this specific configuration?
  4. Most of the instructions I've seen for setting up a FileMaker Server on AWS say to disable the Windows Firewall. In this specific situation, is this still safe?




Michael Frankel

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