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How to Retrieve Database Status

Question asked by TorstenBernhard on Feb 17, 2019

In a startup routine the availability of databases is verified (3-file solution). Two error cases shall be covered:


1. File Status is 'closed'

Can be captured with a Open File ( ) step. Error is 801. All fine


2. File Status is 'paused'

- IsValid ( ) returns no error (0)

- Set Field ( ) for probing makes FMP unresponsive and does not seem to timeout (had it spin-balling for 5 min). No error message, force-quit FMP.


I need to capture the error in order to terminate the solution in a controlled manner and provide users with a meaningful  message why the solution will terminate.


How do you probe for a file being fully available (read and write) at startup?



FMS v17 on MacOS Mojave and FMP v17 on MacOS Mojave, all latest versions.