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Trailing Grand Summary calculation

Question asked by jrmarzano on Feb 18, 2019
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Hello team,


New to FMP so please bear with me.


I have two related tables - Cases & Items.

Cases has caseid (primary key), casename(text) and casevalue(number) fields.

Items has itemsid(primarykey), casedidfk(caseid foreign key), itemsname(text) and itemvalue(numeric) fields.


I have created a report based on Items that groups the items by case.  A subsummary part totals the value of each case in the list (totalcasevalue) by calculation. The simple formula I'm using is sum(itemsvalue)+casevalue.


But I can't work out how to create a trailing grand summary that totals all case values. ie sum(totalcasevalues) mthus providing me with a total value of all cases and contents in the report.


All I seem to be able to achieve is the totalcasevalue of the last case and its contents, in the report.


Any help much appreciated.