Reducing Overhead

Discussion created by yellowhammer on Feb 17, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by miraklemax

As my database gets larger, I am running into issues with my remote devices slowing down when working with the file.  I have tried a few things, such as indexing, but do you have any other basic suggestions? 


Also, I have pallets of products listed in my inventory that get used up and expended, and are of no use except for basic historical record keeping and tracking.  However, these records stay with the file and must be sorted out of the inventory table using an omit "expended" items script, and I am finding that as I get more expended records, my sorts and filter take more time as I am filtering out more and more items that I really have no use for, except as historical data.  Is there a strategy to offload the types of records or "off line" them so they are not filtered and sorted when I get to my inventory layouts, and not burning computational power and bandwidth?  I use FM Go, so this is a concern, especially when using a cellular connection.  Maybe create an "archive product table?"   How do I do that?  Write a script so that when a categorize a pallet of products as expended it automatically deletes the record form the active table and copies it to an archive table?