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Building a Runtime on a Mac

Question asked by barb8383 on Feb 17, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2019 by Malcolm

I've developed an app on a PC but need to install the runtime version on the Mac of another user.


The last time I did this was using FMP4. I put the cd in the Mac and followed the steps to 'bind' my files.


But now I just have the download, not the cd.



1. Do I have to actually install FMP on the Mac in order to create the executable? Then I assume I would just uninstall it when I'm finished building the exe?


2. Once the executable is successfully running on the Mac, does it work the same way it did in FMP4 in that I can get a copy of one of the files, make changes to it on my pc, and then send it to the user to overwrite her existing file (provided that the data is stored externally so I won't overwrite her data changes)?