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Filemaker User Licensing

Question asked by mersim95 on Feb 19, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2019 by mersim95

Hi Everyone,


So from the new Filemaker User Licensing FAQ it says that one user is considered someone who is logged in from Filemaker Pro Adv, Go, WD.


I have a company that is going to have 70accounts. From those 5 accounts are going to access the file from Dektop Devices and other 65 are going to access it on the road using ipads/iphones with GO.


What is the best licensing contract i can get with filemaker?
Do i just have to buy 5 users license, because only those will use desktop and others will use only GO? Or what do i have to do in this case?


I have read through different posts in here, but to be honest, there were lots of different ideas and some did not even understand how it worked, so just to be sure am asking again.


(I owe a 5 users license and i was able to access a database from my FMS from more than 5 users simultaneously, sometimes with more than 5 desktop users)