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Summary of work items

Question asked by gregstock on Feb 19, 2019
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Hi Folks, thank you for the ongoing assistance.

I have a Requests table related to a Labwork table.  Any Request may have a number of work items.

These Items can be invoiced as work is completed - so at any time a Request may have both invoiced and pending work. What I am trying to do in a Request portal where I can "summarize" the Invoiced items.  When they are all done, the request would be flagged Complete.  But as a request can entail a number of work items that can sometimes be completed at differnet paces - Im struggling on how to have a simple overview.

At the moment I have 2 portals- Request and Work - the User selects a request and all work is displayed and its progress. It works but is a bit restrictive.


I considered some kind of Summary or Calc that Counts the total Jobs and compares it to those completed - sortof like 3/10 completed....  Then I could maybe place that Calc on the Request portal... Basically a Status/completed Calc.

Any suggestion would be helpful on how to set that up.