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Replace the Status Toolbar

Question asked by planteg on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by urboesch



I would like to have a Status Toolbar specific to the App, but looks like a customize Status Toolbar is saved in FileMaker itself on a computer.


Reason for customizing the (a) Status Toolbar is to:


  • remove the Layout drop-down
  • remove New Record and Delete Record buttons
  • remove Edit Layout button
  • remove Share drop-down


I think you get the picture. What's the best way to achieve that:


  • create my own toolbar and hide Status Toolbar as well as having a Custom Menu so users don't get to those removed functions some other way ? A button bar could do the trick.
  • use a different approach ?


Am I looking for trouble ? I searched the Community and Googled and couldn't find anything about this. I can't believe I am the first one wishing to do that .