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A few questions from a newbie

Question asked by on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by beverly

Hi all,


I am relative new to Filemaker and in preparation for my certification, I have been taking a lot of training in the past few weeks including the website website university course and documentation, the DevCon Beginner tracks from 2017/2018 and several LinkedIN courses as well as building examples small apps to gain some hands-on experience.


I am still failing to find answers to a couple of questions and would greatly appreciate the community's support.



  1. Can I somehow, programmatically via scripting jump from one app to another and use or call resources (scripts, layouts, tables, etc) ? Example would be having an app for employee or customer repository and then that table to be used from another app for Orders or Performance management.

    Or would I alternatively need to bring required resources into a single file?

  2. I have a situation where an app will have 10 named users but the others would be guests that would have access to infrequently create records and would need to be able to see their records vs. everything.

    What would be the solution here?
    Use a programmatic User Name/Pwd used to later filter only relevant records while their access would be Guest ?
    Or is there another way?

  3. Last one.
    Consider I have deployed an app. How do I make changes and then later deploy ONLY the presentation and logic layer changes into production while maintaining the data?
    I have seen somewhere that I would need to export and import data to new version before deploying?


Your help will be truly appreciated.