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Create an "Easier" FIND Window for field users

Question asked by tippin on Feb 19, 2019
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Our little App is filling our needs better and better with each passing week and as I learn a little more about the tools of the Filemaker trade.


I'm wondering if someone knows some trick to accomplish something I would like to implement.


For one particular Management Report, I need to perform a FIND on two fields:  the First being a YES/NO text field for "Job Complete",  and the other is a date range from a Job Completion Date field (ie:  2019-02-01...2019-02-15)


Is there some script that can be created that would open up a dialogue box with a Radio Box field for  the YES/NO field and a couple of drop down calendar fields for the start and end dates for Job Completion Date?


I am trying to make this as simple as possible for our Field Supervisors to easily run a report on completed jobs.


Thanks to anyone and everyone in advance!