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FMPS 17 : Script schedules keeps showing "running" and doesn't work anymore

Question asked by Boutsy on Feb 20, 2019
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I recently went from fmps14 to fmps17. In filemaker 14 I used an extra Filemaker Pro version to automatically run a script every 5 minutes. It worked perfect ! Now in fmps17 I wanted to use Script Schedules to run the same script every 5 minutes. The script has many subscripts. Everything went well for a few days, but after a while, when the script had "many tasks" to do, the script just stopped and in the admin console under Configuration/Script schedules in the column "Scheduled Time", the word "running" shows and doesn't disappear anymore. I can restart the schedule by typing FMSADMIN RESTART FMSE in the command console. Since the whole idea is to perform tasks at night, this is a big problem.

I then opted to use a fmpa17 version to login and perform the script automatically (as I did with FMPS14), but for some reason this Filemaker version disconnects and reconnects every x time so the script doesn't work (even when logging in with full access and installing it on the server on which FMPS17 is installed.

I really need a solution for one of the two methods that doesn't "crash"...

I checked the log-files, which gives me errors for not finding anything, go to next record etc, but I don't thing these give problems. I do think that the step "Freeze window" gives problems, so I removed it everywhere. It made that the scheduled script ran longer, but after some time it also "crashed".

I searched the knowledgebase, but didn't really find an answer to one of these problems.

Thank you in advance,