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WebDirect: hide condition evaluated after conditional formatting

Question asked by Fabrice Nordmann Expert on Feb 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by FileKraft



in order to evaluate a heavy calc only once on a layout object that can be hidden or conditionally formatted, here is what I do.


In the Hide condition, supposed to be evaluated first, I use the Let function to declare variables.

For instance :

Let (

     $condition = myHeavyCalc ;

     not $condition // the object is hidden if $condition is empty or 0



and in conditional formatting

condition 1: $condition > 50  --> orange

condition 2: $condition > 80 --> red


so in total, I saved 2 evaluations of myHeavyCalc


Works fine in Pro/Go

But in WebDirect, it seems conditional formatting is evaluated before the hide condition, which leads me to seeing the object conditionally formatted, depending on the data from the last visited record.