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Pre-populating field with value list value,

Question asked by paulkana on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by paulkana

I want some fields on a layout to be prepopulated with the most probable value. If the value is not the desired one I can select another one from a dropdown.  The most probable value is is updated periodically in a Value List (it's the current ingredient batch number in use) . So I have it is set up with Auto-enter Calculation as follows:

Let ( [


     listvalues = ValueListItems ( filename ; "LotMPutilise" );

     lot=GetValue ( listvalues ; 1 )


lot )

and it works allright. The LotMPutilise is a manually set Value List.


I have another value list that is made through self-joining relationship and there my autoenter doesn't work.

All advice is welcome.