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Different behaviour of calculations on server and client

Question asked by Eric_1 on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2019 by FileKraft

Product and version ( FileMaker Pro 17.0.4, Server, both used in German )

OS and version ( 10.13.6 and Server 10.14.3 )

Hardware ( 27" Retina iMac Server Late 2018 Mac Mini )


If I  a calculate a field using the function Evaluate () where the evaluated text is stored in a field in the database, the calculation gives different results, when done on server and client. This happens when the calculated field contains "AND" "OR" or "IF)


How to replicate:

The behaviour is 100% reproducible and exists many years. I just became aware of the cause.



If I change the evaluated formula for example from "x > 10 AND x < 14" to "abs ( x -12 ) < 2" there is no difference in the result between server and client.