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How many fields in a table is too many?

Question asked by ryan_laclaire on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by beverly

I am a new developer and new to filemaker. I have inherited a database which is roughly 12GB as a backup, 17GB on the server. It is used primarily to keep track of sales of product at trade shows which are done all over the country. From what I understand (having talked with a FM Developer) it's a real mess. It generally runs really slow. The main layout which is used "Weekly Overview" creates a list of all of the most recent shows and the upcoming (over the next year) shows. This is broken down by week using a sub-summary. There are only about 9,000 records in this table and the found set is less than 900 but it will take as much as 3-4 minutes to download and sort. I believe there are several problems which need to be addressed, first off there are over 900 fields in this main table where the data is coming from. Second is the number of unstored calculations, about 320 of them in this one table.


With all of that data, my initial question still stands. How many fields is too many, and what can I do about it?  I saw another post where someone was setting up a secondary table to put some of the fields into and then creating a relationship to get them to talk, but I am unsure how to exactly go about picking the fields to move and then moving that data over. Also, what can I do about all of those unstored calculations?