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Find/Substitute per line in value list

Question asked by gfsymon on Feb 21, 2019
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I'm using a return separated text list for scripted Finds.  I use a scripted substitute function as well for the same list.


I'm not sure how to be precise in what is found or replaced.  I can think of some convoluted ways to do this with formatting or by having another table, but a simple text field is so fast and easy, it'd be good to be able to keep using it.




A return separated list ... 2 records.


Record 1:




Record 2:

A blue sky



How do I perform a search for Sky, that will only return the 1st record?

How do I script a substitute for Sky, that will only substitute Sky in the 1st record?


In other words ... I only want the Find and Substitute script steps, to consider the values on a 'per line' basis.


(I'm using the =Criteria already, which doesn't achieve what I want)