FileMaker Go 17 "remembers" deleted databases, will not let you update to newer versions

Discussion created by kupietz on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by TSGal

I have repeatedly pushed an updated database to FM Go via AirDrop, each time deleting the previous version as described above. No matter what I push, the original, deleted version reopens in FileMaker Go, as if I never deleted it, rather than the newly-updated version airdropped from the computer.


In the attached video, I AirDrop a database to a copy of FM Go. The database opens, going to the layout specified in the file options upon opening the file.


Then I go through the steps to add a new record and insert a photograph of a very handsome model who happened to be standing around, into a field via the device's camera. Then I go to the Launch Center and delete the database file entirely from FM Go.


Then, from my laptop, I AirDrop a newer version of the database. Instead of re-opening the new version and going to the layout specified in the file options, it reopens the deleted database, with the data I inserted into it before deleting the file, on the last layout it had been on — exactly as if I had never deleted it at all. Meanwhile, the newer version I pushed via AirDrop simply disappears into thin air.


When I delete the database from within iTunes and then re-add it by dragging from the Finder into iTunes and open it in FM Go, the same exact thing happens: the previous version keeps "undeleting", and it always reopens to the layout that I last used, with the data showing from the copy I previously deleted. The new version simply doesn't exist on the device.


I am therefore totally unable to test newer versions of this database in FM Go, it only ever keeps un-deleting the original version and reopening it.


Renaming the file before pushing it to my device works, but this is not a practical solution. I need to be able to delete files and have them remain deleted, so that I don't have to track and keep "retiring" old filenames.