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Bug? Not all TO's are shown on Windows (no Problems with same Database on MacOs)

Question asked by o.schmalzl on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by hschlossberg


On Windows not all TO's are shown when I try to select a field on a Layout or within a Script.




This issue occured maybe back in FileMaker 16, but I always hoped it will get fixed soon.

But since it had not been fixed so far I hope it will be in the next feature.



We do have a pretty large Database with about 130 Tables and about 1.830 Table Occurences (TO's).


We work in an Windows Environment.


Database is Hosted on Windows Server 2016 Standard, 64-Bit, Clients are Windows 10, 64-Bit.

FileMaker Server 17, Version and FileMaker Pro Advanced



I added a Screenshot where i compared it to the view on a Mac. There everything works perfectly fine. Maybe we hit some Limit which has been implemented back in the days, like 255 Table Occurences or so? ;-) I think this must be a Bug, since it worked fine before FileMaker 16 and it still works on MacOs.



Dear FileMaker - please fix this asap - it's quite a pain in the a** when developing on Windows.



Thanks so much