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Data segregation help

Question asked by gabgabchan on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by beverly

Hi there,


I would like to know if it is possible to achieve the following:

1. Have a "developer" version of a file where I would be upgrading/changing the UI or adding relationships/tables/fields, etc. (i.e meant for developer)

2. Have a "information" version of a file where data would be entered and reports can be generated (i.e meant for intended users)


End goal: To be able to merge the system changes from the "developer" version to the "information" version, so that developer and users will be able to work at the same time. It will also eliminate the risk of ruining any tables/data in the "information" version.


I guess it is something like an iOS update. Eg. the Apple team would constantly be developing updates/fixing errors and would launch the update to all users when it is ready. Users would only need to download the update to receive the latest features etc.


In the same way, I would like the "information" version of the file to be able to receive the latest system changes that was done in the "developer" version.


Is there any way to do this? Thank you very much!