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Link one DB with another DB

Question asked by kseniia.arteeva on Feb 26, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2019 by kseniia.arteeva

I have one DB with records like a catalogue.
One characterstic of the record needs to be described more completely in another DB.
So, i need a button on the record which will
v1: bring me to the specific record in another DB - i think it is rather complecated
v2: open a layout where that info from another DB will be displayed.
My DBs are local, not on the server.
I suppose the v2 is more simple, but how I can make the button which will bring me to the layout and the info on which will be changing.
1. We have 5 things in DB 1:
  1 2 3 4 5
2. They share 3 different characteristic (a b c, each characteristic has its page in the DB 2 whith some descriptions and pictures)
In DB 1  I can choose it from either drop down list with values or simple enter to the field or ?..

1a 2b 3a 4c 5c

What I need: when I press the button/the name/the field on the layout of DB1 - opens new layout with the description of:
a -

b -

c -


I am in the product layout of item 1

it has field which states that “1” has a characteristix “a”

I press - button? -and it opens a layout where the info from the DB2 about the “a”.



1) how can i link 2 DB?

2) how to recognize that it should open exactly info “a” for example ?