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How do I redirect http to https for php cwp in FMS17?

Question asked by MikeMemme on Mar 3, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by MikeMemme

I just upgraded from FMS 15 to FMS 17 on Mac servers running Mojave with a worker machine in a DMZ and a master machine in a trusted network. We have a legacy cwp php web site that I've been able to get working but the two machine deployment is less than ideal.


When users visit the web site by typing our domain name, they make an http connection. As they navigate the site, certain pages will flip them over to an https connection. When they revisit the site, they will automatically get an https connection until they clear their browsing history at which point they will get an http connection again.


Because of this, we have to place all of our php files in both the "htdocs" and "htdocs/httpsRoot" folders on the master machine, and we have to place all of the other web files in the "htdocs" and "htdocs/httpsRoot" folders on the worker machine. We need files duplicated and in four different locations which is difficult to maintain.


Is there a way to redirect all http traffic to https by adding code to our web pages or by editing the httpd.conf file? The Filemaker documentation says that all traffic will be redirected to https when a certificate is installed in FMS 17 but that's not the case.