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ODBC/xDBC Memory Issue

Question asked by actongate on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2019 by TSGal

Are there still memory issues when using the ODBC driver to query data out of Filemaker?


I have been extracting data out of Filemaker using VFP (Visual Foxpro) for many years and have always had to work around this issue (which we don't see with any other ODBC drivers).  Basically if I create an executable that opens a connection, issues a query (nothing taxing just a select from) and then closes the connection and then repeats, it gradually uses more and more memory.  If I open once, query many times, and close once I don't see the issue.  I looks like closing the connection does not release the memory.


I have since replicated all of my code in node.js and the same query is being executed whenever an endpoint opened.  As each query is made the node.exe processes gradually uses more and more memory.  Again changing the code to open once and query many works around the issue.


My quesiton I guess is why do I have to do this with the Filemaker ODBC driver but I don't with any other data source, including XLS, SQL SERVER, MySQL and DBF's.