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FileMaker Cloud won't create backups

Question asked by tmokwa on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by tmokwa

On FileMaker cloud I am getting the error  "Services Restart Limits were reached. Check Journal.log". I've checked the Journal log and it shows that error but no further explanation.


FM Cloud has not backed up in over a week.


I found an issue online that changing the Volume Name to anything other than FileMakerData could cause this however the drive names have not be changed and still show as FileMakerData.


I contacted AWS and their response follows:


As I understand you are receiving the error "Services Restart Limits were reached. Check Journal.log" and would like to gather more information regarding this. Please feel free to correct me if I misunderstood your query.


The instance i-XXXXXXXXX has been launched using FileMaker Cloud Marketplace AMI. Marketplace AMIs are owned, designed and maintained by third-party vendors. Being a Linux Engineer I did try to have a look into the issue by launching a similar instance in my test environment but was unable to gather much information regarding this issue. I would like to mention that the issue is very specific to the AMI you are using and AWS Support Engineers do not have any expertise with Marketplace AMIs. The issue lies outside the scope of our support [1]. Issues with marketplace products are generally best addressed by their respective support teams, as they are most intimately familiar with the internal workings of their product.



Any help to resolve this issue will be appreciated.