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(Three Tables) Table 1 - Table 2 = Table 4 + Table 3

Question asked by jmvittachi on Mar 7, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2019 by beverly

I am super new to filemaker so please bear with me


So I have three tables

1.Studentdata - user id, username(1), fname, sname, location_id(2) ...

2.Recent_Logins - username(1), login date (In 6 months)

  1. location - location_id (2), location_name

Relationships denoted by (1) & (2).

My Final table should have the usernames from Table 1 that do not show in Table 2 shown as follows:


username, Fname, sname, email, number

Or instead if I could directly pull it into a form it would be fine.