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Some portal rows can't be deleted, Problem FM Go

Question asked by mark-it on Mar 8, 2019

Dear comunity


I have strange problem with deleting portal row via FM Go, on FM pro this problem does not shows.


I'm adding new rows to portal, but when I decide that I don't need all  those records, I want to delete some, I can do that only when 4 rows left ?!

Those 4 which left can't be deleted. I have noticed that if I re-login, that I go to the same record/Portal and I can do that. What can be the problem ?? I dont won't to re-login each time I want to delete those portal rows which left during my data entry.


I tried to use delete portal row as single step, as script with commit, I have check all privileges, relations (delete records is on), so I don't what else can be done. Does anyone had similar problem. Using FM 16