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Which FM version for Small IT Business company

Question asked by prianto on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by tsplatypus

Hello all, I'm new in the community, if soemone can help me, here is my question :

I've been using old version (FM 5 or 6) and I really enjoyed. Using this tool, creating contact, proposal, invoices and so on.. Was really easy, and no cost for developping new documents or any new template.. It was years ago.. ;-)


Today I'm working in the IT business and looking for the same tool, but wondering what is the best version for 5 users. Servers + Cloud? Advanced or GO? FM Direct...

We need Licences that could be accessible from a web browser (Saas) or perpetual. 5 users, and model that could be modified if we wants.


If somebody can help, in advance, thank you