LCFM Native Beta 3 Brings Android to FileMaker Developers

Discussion created by LCLtd on Mar 11, 2019

Monday 11th March 2019, Edinburgh, Scotland. LiveCode Ltd today shipped Beta 3 of LCFM Native. LCFM Native takes an existing FileMaker layout and converts it to a native app, faithfully preserving the layout, on any LiveCode supported platform, while still using the FileMaker database. Supported platforms include Android and Mac and iOS initially, Windows, Linux and potentially Raspberry Pi will follow in future releases.


In Beta 3, a total of 1612 tasks have been completed by our team of dedicated engineers, representing the layout objects and logic in any given FileMaker solution. This is the majority of the complete FileMaker feature set, the remaining features will be in the first shipping release of LCFM Native. Many FileMaker solutions should now convert and run on the Android, iOS or Mac platforms, using LCFM Native Beta 3.


This technology means that FileMaker users can now extend their reach to the other 86% of the mobile market. Traditionally FileMaker apps do not run on Android. The LCFM compiler allows you to drag and drop your FileMaker solution onto it, and output a faithful representation of that solution for Android. Other benefits include perfect online and offline syncing within and between platforms, ensuring the users data is always the latest available on the server. LCFM Native uses the FileMaker Data API seamlessly behind the scenes, which has benefits relating to the way you license your apps. Because the app is now a native app using LiveCode technology, it can also incorporate additional features from the platform it is running on, that are not usually available to FileMaker solutions.


  • Drag and drop conversion
  • Run on Android platforms
  • Use the FileMaker Data API
  • Sync on and offline
  • Add new features
  • Expand the reach of the FileMaker platform
  • Huge potential savings on device costs


Kevin Miller, CEO LiveCode Ltd, said: "The demand for LCFM Native is truly astonishing, we know you are all waiting eagerly for it to ship! Beta 3 is a huge step forward, I do encourage everyone to go and try it out now, and let us know how you get on!"


Learn more about LCFM Native Beta 3 here