FMS Admin Console does not show file status

Discussion created by BruceHerbach on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by TSGal

I'm running FileMaker Server version 17.0.252 on a MacBook Pro( Retina, Mid 2012 ) Os X 10.13.6..  I frequently have trouble getting the Web admin console to accurately show the correct Open/Closed status of the hosted files.  Attached are two log sets from this morning.  Event.log shows that it closed File Paintek.fmp12 and the Event-2.log shows that all files are closed.  In both cases the Web Admin console shows all files open and available.


After closing all files,  FileMaker Pro Advanced correctly shows the message "No files are currently hosted on..."


Using the Command line fmsadmin restart adminserver resolved this today.  At other times fmsadmin restart server has helped and occasionally I have had to stop fms and then reboot the server to resolve the problem.


I have had the same issue on a Mac Mini ( Late 2014 ) OS X 10.13.6.  I have a couple of clients that are using AWS based windows FMS setups.  So far I have not had this issue on those servers.