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Beginner's help with counting records

Question asked by ravingluhn on Mar 12, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2019 by beverly

Hi, new FileMaker checking in. I'm trying to develop a system to communicate when there's an issue with one of our products. There are three tables:

  1. Source plants - a master list of our products
  2. Production Issue List - if there's a problem to be addressed, a record is created here with a description of the issue and its status
  3. Production Issue Details - a table for recording details and discussion of a particular issue

Here's what the relationships look like between the tables:


One plant may have many issues, and issues may have a lot of discussion about them.


What I'm trying to do is create a layout with our master plant list that displays a count of issues for each product. So there'd be a layout with a list of source plants (table 1) and a field that displays a count for how many matching records show up in table 2. See MS paint version here:


When I get this basic part figured out, I'd modify the issue count to account for criteria and display only open issues. Then there will be three layouts to jump back and forth between the different sets of information.


I've tried a bunch of combinations for calculated and summary fields in each table, with and without criteria; and none of them have worked. Rather than go over everything I've done that wasn't correct, I'm here asking for help. Thanks in advance!