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In need of Mentor... Relationship woes (or scripting....)

Question asked by pathgeek on Mar 13, 2019
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Hello all!

Have been working w/ FM off and on (mostly off) for quite a while but am still a very unskilled Noob.

I have a database of patients and tests (many types of tests, patient can have ≥1 test(type) and ≥1 test(within type).

I had figured out how to create new tests which relate to the unique patient but recently tried to add additional new test(types) [flow and histo tabs, from flow and histology tables, respectively] and am not able to add those new tests and have them respond correctly.


I've looked at my scripts and my layouts and my relationships but haven't found my error.


I'm attaching the DB for your perusal.
Specifically: I can add a new patient and a new test for some tests (ex.CBC, Marrow, FISH, Cyto)....But: When I modify the script for Flow and Histo it doesn't work correctly.

In those cases, running the script creates a new test( of selected type) but doesn't accurately give me a new clean window from which to add the new data. (everything overwrites an existing record).

Likely, this is a simple problem that, with your help will lead me to that forehead slapping "oh, duh"... but I can't find it.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Also, any suggestions on upgrades would be appreciated

The next things on my wish list include (1) conditional dropdowns for "normal" results for tests....... which currently seems way above my knowledge grade. (2) creating "normal" values for different age groups and laboratories (referenced from another table value-- way too entailed for a value list or series thereof.)

Thanks, all!