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Perform Several Finds, then Copy/Paste results into other Fields?

Question asked by beastblittle2 on Mar 13, 2019
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Good Morning Everyone!


The overall goal I want to achieve is to have the total price charged for each salesperson visible next to their name ie. AV Total Price Charged, and IH Total Price Charged. I had earlier created a summary field which adds all of the salespeople's contract amounts together, so I can get the total price charged for everybody (Total Price Charged).


I thought the easiest way to achieve this would be by creating a script that performs a find for all the records that have that salespersons code on them, and then taking the value from the Total Price Charged field. I first did this by using the Insert Calculated Result script step This originally worked, but when I added a second field, it scraps the one before it, leaving a question mark.


I then thought it may still be trying to calculate, so instead, I switched to a more direct approach and decided to do the Copy and Paste steps, thinking that would be more static. Unfortunately the results are the same.


Is there something I'm missing, or a clearly better way to do this that I'm glossing over? I think ExecuteSQL may be an option, but I'm not too knowledgeable on that, and would like to avoid it if possible for now.