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Send Mail - Unexpected Behavior

Question asked by wheelman1138 on Mar 15, 2019
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Hi everyone...I tried to find something here on this subject but have not been able to so hopefully this hasn't already been addressed by someone.


I have a fairly simple Send Mail script I've written (with dialog on). It sets a To: email address and also fills the CC: with a global variable containing a few other email addresses and also fills the subject line with a calculated string of text.


The unexpected behavior happens when it attempts to jump over to Microsoft Outlook. It creates a new email message but then instead of keeping the message open for editing, it just saves it as a draft and closes it.


The weird thing is that this behavior only started yesterday when my boss asked me if I could add an address to the CC: line.


I've attached a few screenshots of the send mail dialog and the calculation that builds the variable called $$CCEmail and the entire script.


Is this an Outlook problem or did I write something wrong when I added the additional addresses? I'm totally stumped.





An update: The script is now working as expected on my computer and on one colleague's computer. However, it still does the same behavior on another colleague's computer.


I am not quite sure what fixed it (on my computer). I did go back in and rewrite the calculation that sets the CCEmail variable, adding an if statement to omit the ::Secondary_Email field if it was empty as I thought that might be causing an issue as that field does not always contain an address. I also tried testing it using Mac Mail (made Mac Mail my default and then triggered the script). It worked as expected (before and after I altered the script) using that mail client. I then changed the default mail client back to Outlook. No change...same behavior. It was only after I wrote in the if statement to omit the ::Secondary_Email field that it began working on my computer.


I tried the same steps on my colleague's computer but it still won't work there. In fact, on her machine, Outlook does no even create the draft like it was on mine.  ???? Is this an Outlook issue? The fact that it works with Mac mail (it does work with Mac mail on hers as well) but not Outlook leads me to believe that. Has anyone else had this issue?