Odd web viewer behavior in Go

Discussion created by ChrisMoyer on Sep 10, 2011
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So just ran into a weird issue with the web viewer in FMGo. I've been using the web viewer to do lightweight synching with a hosted database. I have a PHP page that serves up new records when they're ready to download to the Go application. My preference in PHP is to double quote the line and single quote quoted elements within the line. For example:


echo " value='{$request['web_listing']}'></td> ";


It's a personal preference, I don't like having to escape double quotes within the line, so I use single quotes. I have a routine within FileMaker that screen scrapes the web viewer and parses the strings. Everything worked fine when I tested on FileMaker desktop, but when I loaded it onto Go, it broke. After much poking around, I discovered that the web viewer on GO converts single quoted text to double quoted text. In a web browser, and in the web viewer in FileMaker desktop, I'll get this string in the page source:


<td><input type='hidden' name='' value='36|1784|77|9/9/2011|[4^2^1^37^][2^2^1^^]'></td>


but in FMGo, I get:


<td><input type="hidden" name="" value="36|1784|77|9/9/2011|[4^2^1^37^][2^2^1^^]"></td>


Anyway, it broke my parsing logic. Easy fix, but I thought I'd pass it along. Heads up.